Welcome to the website of the Ghana Union Arnhem

We are very pleased to meet you via our website. Gather all the information you need on our website. If anything else you want to establish contact, please check our contact page for details.

Our goal is very simple, we help eachother! The Ghana Union is a group or a club of members which share a common understanding. We in the Ghana Union help eachother which is our main goal. Next, we want to organize events for people to come together and communicate. We as an Union decided to found an official institution right here in the city of Arnhem. Now we joined as a collective with a great group of friends and relatives. Advantages we achieve by being the Union:

  • We help eachother, our group contains constructors, lawyers, ICT-guys, baby-sitters, people who own a bus or carriage
  • We demand buyers-advantages by using the collective: 1 for 1, but 10 for 5!
  • People who can cater parties
  • People who are there for you
  • Ghana Union started with Ghana people, but is much bigger now! We are not limited to Ghana people only, one love one people
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